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Four of the Hottest Fall Trends!

29 Sep Four of the Hottest Fall Trends!

Keeping your home updated and modern can be struggle. Luckily, we have identified some of the hottest trends for this fall! The searches for these four design items is up 250-500% of popular websites such as Pinterest and Etsy. All of them are easy to find, make or buy!

Marble Wall Paper

Easily one of the trendiest looks for fall! Purchasing slabs of marble can be quite pricey but wallpaper makes this sleek, clean and expensive look highly affordable!

Navy Blue Interior Paint and Décor.

This ultra modern and lux color has become all the rage for fall! Easily contrasted with traditional white, navy blue will make any room pop with color.

Copper Accents and Pieces.

Metallic is as popular as ever but 2017 is Coppers time to shine! Set of your living, room, bedroom or bathroom with copper statement pieces to give the room a sense of chic sophistication and copper pieces tend not to be touch on your pocketbook!

Acrylic Wall Hangings.

Take minimalism to a whole new level! Acrylic wall hangings will set off any art piece and are easily made DIY! Check it out here! http://www.pneumaticaddict.com/2015/12/frameless-floating-art-tutorial.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed:+PneumaticAddictFurniture+(+++++++++++++++++Pneumatic+Addict+Furniture)&m=1



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